Guarantee & Warranty

Guarantee & Warranty

Shova Advanced Technologies Ltd. will ensure:

1 year Guarantee and 5 years Warranty for all types of Sumo Digital Scales.

Prompt after Sales Service
SHOVA is committed to provide innovative advance and modem technology to it’s all SUMO brand products.

Guarantee Explanation:

In the 1 year Guarantee period, if any major defects are found in the Weighing Scales, the Company will replace it immediately without any pre-conditions.

Warranty Explanation:

In the 1 years Warranty period from the date of sales, the Company will provide the customers free after Sales Service, but customers must bear the cost of the defective parts of the Weighing Scales.

Guarantee/Warranty Void:

* If the sticker found damage or imprinted.

* If the Machine found serviced by other than Company’s Engineers.