Human Scale- 200 Kg

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Name : Human scale
Model : SUMO HS-0062
Capacity : 200 kg
Platform size : 300*300 mm
Accuracy : 50 gm
Guarantee : 1 year
easy portable
Display: Bright & Large Size LED Display
Load Cell: High Accuracy Load Cell
Load Cell Origin: Artech Industries Inc., USA
Electricity Consumption: 5 Watts (AC/DC Dual Systems)
Battery Backup: 24 hours rechargeable battery backup
Technology: Advance Micro-controller Based Technology
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Over Load Protection: 150% Overload protection system
Standard: International Organization of Legal
Metrology-OIML Standard Class-III
Approvals: Approved by the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution
Certifications: ISO 9001-2008 Certified by UKAS