Company Profile

Shova is a household name in the weight scales industry in Bangladesh. We are a company, which works through the manufacture and sell of weighing scales but indeed our services are not only limited by that. We have been operating since 1999. But it was in 2009 that our journey would truly start with Shova Advanced Technologies LTD under the brand of SUMO. We started with only 19 types of scales but now our catalogue is complete with more than 50 types of scales. Not only that, we can proudly say that we are able to make any customized scales suited to our customer's needs. We have over 135,000 of our scales currently active and running in our country. And the number is only increasing day by day. We are the first company in Bangladesh to avail the licence of manufacturing weighing scales. Not only that we are well fabricated with 14 of licences and certifications including ISO, BSTI, OMIL standard and so on that only further increase and dignify our credibility and competence. We are confident in what we are offering and we ensure our customers are left with nothing but satisfaction. We believe our responsibility doesn't end when we finish delivering our products. Besides having free delivery, we ensure that the products you receive keep running for a long time without any difficulties what so ever through our excellent service and competent engineer. Our company currently has a total of more than 190 employees of which almost 80 are engineers. And they're always working hard for the soul of our company and our valued customer. We have an actively diligent customer service who are always ready to answer any of the questions asked by our customers and provide them with necessary services. We believe we are a leader in the sector we're working in and we have the capability to glorify our country in the world's map.

Mission & Vision


We believe in "Real people Real service." We believe in providing the best service to all of our customers through honest and hard-working individuals. We are the only true "Real people" who are providing "Real Service" in Bangladesh. We believe in transparency so that our customers can trust us and always know what they're getting which undoubtedly is always the best.


Since the very inception of our company we have been striving to provide the best quality products without any compromises. We have always strived to provide our customers scales with the best accuracy. we aim to uproot the imbalance and inaccuracy of the analog scales. We aim to revolutionize the weighing scale industry of Bangladesh in a way that has never been seen before. We strive to be the best in what we do.

Our MD Speech

Syed Ahamad Kiron

Managing Director & CEO

Shova Advanced Technologies Limited

Shova Advance Technologies Ltd was established in 2004. But its journey started back in 1999. The end of the millennial brought a revolutionary idea to my mind, which I knew would bring a new tide into the weighing scales sector of our country. I knew how ominous the weighing scales sector was because of unlicensed weighing scales and what amount of loss it was causing. As an example, the rice carrying trucks. Bangladesh being agriculture based country; it is always in constant need of rice. The trucks, which would carry the rice, would weight 300gm extra on each bag of rice. Each truck would contain 300 bags of rice and if everyday 10 trucks of rice were to send out of a single factory then each day 900 kg of extra weight would be carried out. Again if each kg of rice were to cost 35.00 BDT, then we would be at an 31500.00 BDT of extra cost. And in 1 year the numbers would add up to 114.00 Lac BDT. And if all the rice producing industries were to be taken into production then a staggering 574875.00 Lac BDT would be lost only because of faulty weighing scales. And these were the number of only rice mills. This is one of most overlooked sectors of our country. This ignorance is killing our economy bitby-bit acting as a slow poison. But we have changed this by revolutionizing the weighing scale in Bangladesh.

The business we’re doing is very reliable with very little chances of loss. If said in numbers a 5 BDT investment would result in revenue of 20 BDT. We have already invested an amount of 50 crores on this business and the revenue is already coming in, so much so that we get 2 crores only from annual service cost. We already have the whole market in our hands being able to reach almost all the industries even the wholesalers. The market might be in our hands but it is still not fully flourished because of lack of investment.we are now looking forward to opportunities of creating new and much more innovative industries. Beside creating all types of Digital Weighing Scales, Computerized Weigh Bridges, we would be manufacturing different categories of Batteries, Moulds, MS & steel bars, Printed Circuit Boards & Load Cells which are currently being imported from foreign countries like China, India, Korea, Malaysia & Japan. And we also have successfully created a great market for these products after marketing them for long 13 years. These proposed industries would help save foreign currency and also put an impact on the socio-industrial sector of our country. Overall this is a great opportunity to create employment and have a noticeable effect on the GDP of our country.